Geneva, Mada and Donny?

Welcome to my blog. Why the title?

Mada: A reference to the year I spent in Madagascar – 06/07. The main picture above is of me after preaching in a church on a tiny island off the coast. I learnt so much from the people of Madagascar about faith in God, worship and life. 

Donny: Doncaster. The place where I’m minister to two great churches. Hall Gate was formed in 1798 and still going strong. Intake was formed in the 1930s and has recently been renovated with the addition of a Sure Start centre. 
Doncaster’s a great place despite reports with wonderful people and it’s a place I’m dedicated to be for some years, God willing.

Geneva: What about Geneva? Well, I’ve only been there once. I’m not planning on going there any time soon, either. At least not geographically.
Geneva is shorthand for Historical Reformed Christianity. It’s shorthand for that strand of Christianity inspired by Reformers like Zwingli, Bucer, Bullinger and especially Calvin who was minister there. It’s where, with God’s grace, the two Doncaster URCs will be great examples of.

So there we are, Geneva, Mada and Donny. Thanks for coming. Let’s see where we end up.


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