Miracles do happen!

After about a million years of saying it was going to happen, The United Reformed Church has launched its new website.

First impressions:

Pro: It’s a nice, inoffensive blue.

Cons: There’s only one place on the site that tells you what the URC believes and that’s this paragraph from the About Us page:

[Reformed churches] uphold the historic Trinitarian creeds of the church universal, find the supreme authority for their lives in the Word of God in the Bible, discerned under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They order their lives through councils of the church, where ministers and lay people together seek the mind of Christ.

The recommended book from the bookshop is one on Barack Obama. The lead news item is about credit unions. Another is on the Israel/Gaza issue. However, apart from the link to another website there is not one – not one – reference to Jesus. Is this a Christian denomination or The Guardian?

The What We Do page doesn’t say that we worship God and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Still, at least we’ve got Community Work and Racial Justice/Multicultural Ministry, eh?

Why’s this bloke strangling this granny?
Strangled granny



Final thoughts: A nice looking site that’s much better than its predecessor. Unfortunately it may show some of the deeper problems I think are affecting the URC as a whole. But that’s for another time.

This will be the first in what I hope will be an occasional series where I take articles from the URC website and ask the question “What’s wrong with this?” I really hope and pray I never have to add to this series. But I love the United Reformed Church, its forefathers in the faith and the saints that are still in it. I’d love for us to be United, Reformed and a Church. May God grant reformation to his church.


4 thoughts on “Miracles do happen!

  1. Not bad – but hard on the eyes! The content can’t really change that much can it? But yes more of our history wouldn’t go amiss. I assume the login page will come into play later on for all those top secret documents that only approved members can see!

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