URC website update

Just a refresher on the new URC website.

Strangled granny

I’ve not received any feedback from my emailed concerns. However, Matt Stone went on the new forum there and asked why Jesus and the Gospel didn’t appear on any of the pages. The answer has come back: We are working to put up some content on “What we believe”.

URC minister Fleur Houston also commented on the forum about the lack of any reference to God. However, she did notice that there was an article about Fair Trade Bananas. In conversation with me she’s put the whole issue brilliantly, saying: “There needs to be some indication that we banana-eating enthusiasts  worship the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who in the power of the Holy Spirit is alive in the world today.”

Hopefully, that day isn’t far away.

PS Fleur drew my attention to the Eglise Reformee de France‘s website. Loads of good stuff on the left hand menu and quotes on the front page from a guy called Jean Calvin. Apparently, this year has some significance…


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