Internet round-up

Here are a couple of things that have piqued my interest over the last week:

You know those “outmoded” Christian doctrines? Virgin birth, resurrection and ascension? All that nonsense about the exclusivity of Christ? Thankfully, Hazel Day has written an article in the URC’s monthly magazine Reform showing us how to go about ditching them and creating a “faith we can believe in“.
This article shows what Christians are up against in the URC. Of course, this is nothing new. Arians, Socinians and Unitarians have all made the same fundamental critique and the Church has always prevailed.
My request would be that if these doctrines are so unbelievable then I’m sure the Unitarians would welcome you with open arms.

To counter that here’s an address given at the recent “Together for the Gospel” conference in the States. Bryan Chappell is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. He teaches at  Covenant Theological Seminary. He’s written a great book on preaching called “Christ-centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon” and his seminary lectures can be found here. His message is a great reminder of the pastor’s primary purpose – to preach the Word!

To go along with that, this week’s White Horse Inn radio show had a great programme on Biblical Ignorance. It’s a great reminder that faith is to be passed down from generation to generation and that the primary place for that to happen is the home – with the support of the minister and elders. Ministers: Dust off your copies of the Westminster Shorter Catechism and get teaching those kids.


3 thoughts on “Internet round-up

  1. That post is embarrasingly infantile and simplistic! (Hazel Day I mean, not you Phil)

    And you have a good point, what she wants already exists, there are meditation centres and there are community volunteer groups, so why bother reforming churches if that is what the gospel is ‘really’ all about?

    But the fact remains you cannot ignore the last four hundred years of Biblical scholarship, philosophical and scientific advances. We can either claim them for Christ or bristle with antipathy at anything Calvin wouldn’t have said. When you stand on the shoulder of giants you should probably be able to see further than them. 😉

  2. Jon,
    Where have I said anything about modern scholarship?
    Stop causing trouble. 😉

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