A new start

Well, that’s it. It’s all over. Another British summer has gone by. Did anyone see the sun? September is the time when we think about starting up again after the long, lazy days of summer. Children and teachers are going back to school, activities are starting up again and we all feel like it’s time to get back to work.

For some this is an exciting time. The thrill of starting a new school or job can be a great feeling. Others will be approaching September worrying what the future holds.

In our series through the Bible we’ve seen how people dealt with new situations. As Abraham travelled off to a new country, as Moses led the people out of slavery and as David became king of a new nation we’ve seen God’s people face new experiences. What we’ve seen is that when they followed God then everything went as it should. However, at every single point in Israel’s history they turned away from God and decided they could do everything themselves.

It was at that point that things begin to go wrong. They felt that they had everything right. They felt that they knew best for themselves. It may even have looked like they were enjoying life and getting on in the world. But all the time they followed their own way, they were cutting themselves off from the God that had done so much for them in the past.

God could have let that be the end of it. But he had promised to be their God. He promised he would bless the nations through this people and he was not going to go back on that promise. He continued to send prophets to call the people back to God. He never abandoned his people, despite the fact they deserved to be.

As we look through the Bible we can see how the time was coming when God himself would come into this world. He would come and give himself to save his people. Jesus, who was fully God and fully man, lived a perfect life, died on a cross and rose again after three days. Because of him we can now come before God, despite the fact we have rejected him in every part of our lives before now.

What about you? Who calls the shots in your life? Do you feel that life is going on just fine? Do you think this God stuff is all nonsense? Perhaps you’re interested but feel that you’re not good enough.

Here’s the good news: Jesus can save you. He has done all that needs to be done to make you a child of God. September’s a time to make a new start. Make that new start. Turn your life around from what it was and trust in Jesus. And join us on Sundays to praise our God and find out more.
Whatever you’re starting this September may God bless you.


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