Not too fast, not too slow and watch out for the …

You’ll be glad to know that I passed my driving test. Thank you for all the kind words of support before the test and the congratulations after it. I’ve now been whizzing around Doncaster and beyond using my new-found skills for a few weeks. I’ve had a few problems, though. The major one is that I’ve realised that just because I passed the test, it doesn’t mean I instantly became the perfect driver. I’ve been a little guilty on occasion of going too fast and pushing it to the limits of my ability. I’ve also realised the danger of being distracted, even for a split-second. I sometimes wonder whether it was worth it but when I’m coming home from a meeting or squeezing in an extra visit I realise the benefit driving has brought to my life.

As we move forward together as a church there’s always the danger of going too fast. Some of you may be worried about the pace of change and feel a little lost as the church does things a little differently. However, there’s always the danger of going too slowly and we miss the opportunities that are coming our way.

In both cases it can be easy to be distracted. The history of the Church is littered with examples of taking the path of least resistance and being distracted by the world, rather than focussing on those things which have been given to the church to do.

All of us should be committed to the future of this church. We should be committed to being grounded on the Bible and rooted in prayer. If we are committed to that then it means we may have to be relaxed about some matters of lesser importance.

I’m excited about what the future may bring. I’m excited about what God can do and I’m excited about seeing that come to fruition in the coming years.


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