Three Year Thoughts

Three years ago today I began my life as a minister. Here are some very quick thoughts at this anniversary:

Good things
People responding to Biblical preaching.
Seeing growth in people’s lives.
Pastoral visits in people’s homes.
Friendships made.
My own deepening faith.

Some not so good things
Personality clashes.
Denominational frustrations.
My own tendency to laziness.
Two churches/one minister.

On the whole these three years have been a real blessing to me. I’ve learnt to depend on Christ in all things because I’ve quickly realised that I’m not that great. Here’s to the next three years and beyond.



2 thoughts on “Three Year Thoughts

  1. Blessings on your continued ministry, Phil. I’m arriving in Hull on the 15th of July to begin working as an assistant minister at St John’s, an evangelical CofE church in the city. Maybe our paths will cross at some point.

  2. Hey old friend. Amazing that it’s been three years already. If you can say that your own faith has deepened over this time then that is a wonderful thing and probably the most important battle, what ever other successes or failures you encounter.

    Also don’t underestimate how much energy it takes to preach (especially if you do so more than once a week) and meet people where they are at, you might think you are being lazy, but it is important to pace yourself and your emotional and creative energies so that you are able to do what you do with all your heart. Too often I force myself to work, because I am busy, but do not engage fully with what I am doing because I am too tired. I don’t think that is what God wants for me or the people I serve.

    Make the next three years be even more blessed!

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