Ministry is not Celebrity

“How do these famous pastors write all these books, preach every Sunday and visit all their mega-flocks? As well as being dads and husbands?”

This was my tweet that inspired the launch of Phil Baiden International Ministries. I received some really interesting responses. It seems that well-known pastors who have mega-churches and write lots of books hire other people to do much of the donkey work. Sermon researchers, ghost writers, pastoral visitors are used which has the bonus of allowing the pastors to concentrate on the really important stuff like conference speaking. Well, I fancied a bit of that so PBIM is the result. Stay tuned for the announcement of my new book in the next few days…

At the same time as sending out this tweet I was reading Carl Trueman’s book of collected essays: “Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear to Tread”. Trueman is an Englishman who has taught at Aberdeen University and is now academic dean at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia. He’s a fabulous author on modern church life because he has a real knowledge and love of church history. His articles can be read here.

Trueman’s writings show the ridiculousness of some of the things going on in the church today that reflect the culture of celebrity much more than they reflect a self-sacrificial Saviour. He also uses humour to show the absurdities of church life. So I recommend Carl Trueman to you with the proviso that he may turn into the type of “celebrity” Christian to you that he warns us against.

Trueman reminds us that ministry is not glamourous. It should not be a quick route to celebrity. It can be heart-breaking and back-breaking and there may be no rewards this side of glory. No. Ministry should be simply: Preach and teach the Word, visit the sick and shepherd the flock God’s given you. Let the conferences, book deals and tv shows wait. You’re not that special but you’ve been given a special task. Get on with it.


Launching Phil Baiden International Ministries

After minutes of planning and seconds of prayer, today sees the launch of Phil Baiden International Ministries.
Based around the teaching ministry of British pastor Phil Baiden, PBIM will see the blessing that led his churches to more than triple their average attendance* spread around the world.
Phil has already had an international impact preaching in areas such as Doncaster in Yorkshire, as well as more affluent countries like Madagascar. Wherever he has preached multitudes have expressed their gratitude for his ministry by using phrases such as “nice service” and “the hymns were good”. Now, more will be able to share in the unique ministry of this mighty man of God.
However, if PBIM is to achieve the global impact that will transform the nations then we need your help. If Phil is to preach, teach and appear on television then he needs not only financial gifts but the practical gifts of your time and talents.
PBIM is looking to fill the following positions:

Vice President Europe.
Vice President Rest of the World.
Director of Music
Personal Assistant: Sermon Research.
Personal Assistant: Hair.
Someone who can make really cool videos that make Phil look cutting-edge, modern, relevant and, above all, successful.

We pray that you would respond to this awesome opportunity to make God famous through the ministry of this unbelievably gifted teacher.

PBIM: For the nations, and because my manse isn’t big enough.

*on certain Sundays.