Article for In Gear

This article was published in In Gear, the magazine of the Group for Evangelism and Renewal of the United Reformed Church. It concerns the question: How should churches who believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman respond to a church-wide consultation currently ongoing?

Be sure of your ground
The United Reformed Church confesses that “the Word of God in the Old and New Testaments, discerned under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is the supreme authority for the faith and conduct of God’s people.” As evangelical ministers, elders and churches we must be sure of the Biblical foundation for marriage. Continue reading


Psalm Singing in the Black Country

Before I became a minister I worked for a time at an Internet company writing football quiz questions. But in all my time there I didn’t know that fans of West Bromwich Albion were psalm singers. Here’s a video of them singing Psalm 23 to Crimond after beating Wolves a few years back.

And here’s a piece on singing unaccompanied I wrote elsewhere.